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Memorial Day 2018 Fashion

Memorial Day well spent!! Thank you kids and thank you every one

My father used to challenge me to cause for a change. Almost 20 years after he is gone, this still rings in my mind. Whenever my birthday came he said, it is a day to be happy but also a day to even work harder. Bigger challenges were headed my way.

On Memorial Day, a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, challenged me further. For us to have peace, they did it. However, question is, what are we doing with that peace? We had to be happy and celebrate as we remembered them. However, it was also a mark to bigger challenges coming.

Sometimes we complain about ‘US’ being lazy. Always on computer games. But it goes that you cannot give what you don’t have. Empowering kids, assisting them to learn to be responsible at a tender age is important to me. My parents would say “Akakyama amamera…” Helping kids to learn to work to me is a positive thing. It is not torture. Recently I had a conversation with someone who when I was collecting grass, he preferred that his kids go watch tv as they were bored. I asked the kids to join me collect grass with me. This person I don’t think took it very well!

On memorial day, I had a chance to be home. Before having fun, I thank God all these kids joined me to clean up before they could have this fun;

Love you kids! Like your mum says; you deserve a #pizza&Kidsmeal

Enjoy them

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