Kabulamuliro Village Library will have a Board of Trustees consisting of five members elected for three-year terms.

It will be the responsibility of the board to have the custody and management of the library, its property and budget.

The board shall meet at an agreed date and time on a monthly basis to oversee the running and operation of Kabulamuliro Village Library.

Join and Support

Kabulamuliro Village Library shall benefit through efforts of generous donors who care deeply about having the Library as a source of education material for children, young adults and seniors. We welcome both unrestricted as well as restricted gifts. Various opportunities exist for donations both large and small. The first preference shall go towards the books needed for reading culture and the establishment of Kabulamuliro Village Library.


Kabulamuliro Village Library Endowment Fund shall be a long-term investment in the future of our community and its Library. Your generosity will provide stability in difficult times, help us maintain excellent services and create an even better Public Library for the future of area residents. Different kind of gifts to the Kabulamuliro Village Library Endowment Fund will all be welcome at any time of the year.

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