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Are you thinking about adding expert video marketing to the things that make your brand stand out? If so, you’ve probably considered working with a video production house. These businesses help you fine tune your video marketing strategy, develop briefs for your content, and execute your ideas expertly.

Lots of skills go into video marketing, and most small brands don’t have the in-house team to bring all of them to the table. By working with a video production house, you can benefit from the expertise of several talented creatives, their industry connections, and their in-depth knowledge of the art. 

It’s worth finding such a partnership even for short-form content constantly dominating the marketing world. This is content up to 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. In other words, they have to hit all the right notes in a concise amount of time. 

We’ll share some secrets to help you find a good video production house getting short-form content just right. 

What to look for?

Below are what you should be looking at to identify top video production houses.


Every good production house displays its portfolio of work online. Check if they have done similar projects to what you are looking for before and if they have shown creativity, professionalism and innovation across their existing body of work. Not every video production house offers an aesthetic that vibes with your brand, so try to get an impression of whether their creative identity matches yours.


Different video production houses focus on various niches. For example, some are better at animations, others concentrate on educational videos for businesses and schools, and others again excel at highlighting the unique stories of innovative brands. Ensure that the video production house you choose to partner with specializes in your niche.


You won’t get a full impression of a video production house until you communicate with them. Through those interactions, you should be able to work out whether communications with them feel right. Do they reply promptly? Do they listen to your questions? Do they understand your brand and its needs? Checking customer reviews is also an excellent way to learn about a company’s professionalism. 

Why choose High Stakes Films for your short-form video production?

High Stakes Films is an innovative video production company in London focusing on brand storytelling. We aim to bring brands to life, in full colour and with the enthusiasm your projects deserve. Our team are experts in both stills and films. As we partner with a creative marketing agency and an insights platform, we know exactly how to wow young audiences. Focusing on short-form content production, we know how to make snappy content work! Get in touch with us today to talk about your next project.

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