What you need to know about Google Analytics 4 –

A different way of recording data

So that Apps and Websites can have comparable data GA4 only uses Events. So, where UA uses page views and sessions, GA4 only uses events (and records things like page views as an event), this brings with it a massive amount of flexibility but….

Events are different

UA used 4 parameters:

  • Event Category (category is required)
  • Event Action (action is required)
  • Event Label (the label is optional)
  • Event Value (value is optional)

GA4 has a more flexible set-up:

  • Event Name (event name is required)
  • Additional Parameter 1: (you can choose whatever parameter you want and name the parameter however you want)
  • Additional Parameter 2: (you can choose another parameter of whatever you want and name it as you choose)
  • Additional Parameter 3: (etc, etc)
  • Additional Parameter 4: (you get the idea)

So, we have something like this:

In GA4 page views and sessions are included in  ‘automatically-collected events’. So, by default, you’ll have ‘core metrics’, like page views and users running. 

For example, one very powerful change is that history state changes (which is where page content is dynamically served without reloading the page), will automatically trigger a new event page view. In UA these had to be triggered manually and required significant set-up.

What you need to do:

  • Run UA and GA4 alongside one another and compare
  • Look at your custom events and migrate them
  • Look at reporting and see what the differences are
  • Explain to / warm-up report recipients that the data is going to change and why
  • And lastly, contact us if you need any help!


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