Autism and anxiety: One man ‘failed by the system’

Campaigners say autistic people are being left to “fall through the cracks” by health and social care services.

Will Melbourne was one of them. Shortly before he died, the 19-year-old posted a video online in an effort to help others navigate a system that he said, was “not fit for purpose”.

Analysis carried out by the Health Foundation for BBC News suggests around 10% of social care staff have had any training in how to support people with autism.

And the National Autistic Society say more than 300,000 people are not getting their needs met by their local social services.

The BBC’s Jeremy Cooke has been speaking to Will’s family to learn more about the young man with an “incredible mind”.

Producer: Ruth Clegg

Camera and editor: Phillip Edwards

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this video, there is information and support at BBC Action Line.

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