July 2021: Experimentation News Round Up

Disney Streaming Division Hires Ex-Netflix Exec Ajay Arora to Lead Commerce, Experimentation Team

Variety.com | By Todd Spangler

“In the new role, Arora will oversee and build out the Disney Streaming group’s commerce and experimentation teams in San Francisco, where he will be based, as well as in New York and Los Angeles. His team will support projects for Disney’s suite of streaming services: Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus and Star Plus. Arora reports to Jerrell Jimerson, EVP of product an design for Disney Streaming.”

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6 Lessons from rapid experimentation at the Financial Times

Via Medium.com | By Simi Agbaje

“We came away with many ideas we could potentially test to see how they worked in the context of our app and workshopped ideation concepts with editorial and other teams across the business for new features for our app. With so many feature concepts emerging, we decided a rapid experimentation approach — that allowed us to validate as many concepts as possible as quickly as possible- was the way to go.”

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How Airbnb Measures Future Value to Standardize Tradeoffs

The Airbnb Tech Blog | By Mitra Akhtari, Jenny Chen, Amelia Lemionet, Dan Nguyen, Hassan Obeid, Yunshan Zhu

“Metrics in experiments can be hard to interpret as well, especially if the experiment affects opposing metrics (e.g., bookings increase but so do cancellations). Additionally, regardless of our ability to assess causal impact with A/B testing, experiments are often run only for a short period of time and do not allow us to quantify impact over an extended period. So what did we build to solve this problem?”

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An A/B Test Loses Its Luster If A/A Tests Fail

TowardsDataScience.com | By Leihua Ye

“These questions deserve immediate attention. To build trustworthy experimentation platforms, data scientists have to double-check the randomization process; otherwise, the experimentation platform introduces bias in the treatment and control groups before the intervention, invalidating any test results.”

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Why Going Digital Isn’t Enough to Meet the New Customer Experience (CX) Imperative

Forbes | By Brian Solis

“An authentically customer-centric company serves customers by knowing them. Each discipline within the organization is no longer functioning in isolation, but more like a relay racer passing a baton: sharing the data, insights, and opportunities for personalization and enchantment. It’s an embrace of 360-degree data, insights, processes, systems, and organizational models to center on the customer.”

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Experimentation Culture Awards 2021: Learnings

Via Medium.com | By Bithika Mehra

“For those who don’t know what Experimentation Culture Awards (ECA) is, the awards started in 2020 as an event to promote a culture of experimentation globally. The goal is to recognize people who are trying to grow an evidence-based decision making culture.”

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7. Testing Hypotheses with Experiments

Via Medium.com | By Christian Crumlish

“The truth is that product management entails an endless series of “bets” that need to be tested and played out. Some are about launching something new and others about how to make things better , but they all involve developing working hypotheses of what is going on, what is hindering progress, what would unlock better outcomes, what to focus on next. It is better to recognize that experimentation is a way of life and is threaded through all your decisions.”

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