How to create a Personalized Video with Wideo automation tool

C. Colors

Thanks to the Wideo automation technology, you can personalize colors in the videos as well.
This increases the impact over the person viewing the video as his/her company branding colors will be present through all the video.

When you create a video template thought for automatic personalization -as long as it’s possible- you should define an accurate color palette composed of a primary color, a secondary color, plus the black and white colors (which may apply to any branding style guide)

Primary color
This is the main company branding color. Generally is the one that covers more surface on its logo. You should use it strategically in the video for backgrounds or shapes used as text container backgrounds to assure a better presence.

Secondary color
Some brands have another color with a less visual presence in the branding or used for secondary elements.
In those cases with no secondary color, you can use a derived color from the primary, darker or lighter (for example, blue primary color, white blue secondary color)

You can use the secondary color in the video for backgrounds that need to be lighter or softer to make text readable or other secondary elements in the composition.

Black and white
Any color palette can include these two colors as a compliment. You can use white for scenes, backgrounds, or details and black for texts to assure their readability.

When creating a personalized video for several clients, It’s essential to consider that you probably don’t know exactly which colors will be applied to those videos.
If you create just 10-20 videos, you could do an initial manual check to include all the possible cases. But if we are talking about hundreds or thousands of videos for different clients, that would be impossible.
That’s why you need to design these videos testing edge contrast cases to avoid the possibility that a text has a similar color to the background, which would make it unreadable.

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