10 Reasons to Use Video in Your Internal Communications

Strategizing internal communications can become complicated when focusing on the virtual workspace.

How do you ensure that all of your messages are being received?

Sometimes, an email can slip through the cracks. It’s easy to get lost in a vast sea of emails inside a very full inbox. This is potentially very problematic.

If your message is important, you want it to be received properly.

Video significantly increases the chances that your message will be seen. Emails containing video have a 90% open rate and 83.3% click-through-rate. This is a 12.6% increase in engagement, compared to text-based emails.

These percentages make it clear that video has a statistically positive impact on your email engagements. Text just can’t compete!

Videos stand out in the inbox. They are much more appealing to the recipient’s eye, and therefore are more likely to garner a click.

Seeing a friendly face in your inbox is so much more exciting than looking at a large blurb of text – it’s bound to capture your attention.

If you want to ensure your coworkers open your emails, just send a video!


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