How To Create an Online Course and Promote It

Research the niche that you want to target and decide your online course topic. 

You might be tempted to create a course about a topic that you love.

But does it have market demand? 

If you create a great online course in a niche that has no scope for online learning, your effort and investment will go to waste. 

For instance:

The plumbing and construction industries are hands-on sectors where practical knowledge counts. An online course will not get enough traction there.  

You can use social listening tools to understand what topics people are talking about. 

It’s also a good idea to pick a topic and niche where competition isn’t stiff. Digital marketing is a hot topic of discussion but it’s saturated with online course material. So, another online course will probably go unnoticed.

Market research can help you pinpoint the niche you should focus on. Check out online courses in the niche that you shortlist. If the existing content is unsatisfactory, you have an opportunity to fill that gap with your course. 

At the same time, don’t forget that you have to establish authority in your niche. You can’t hope to do that if you’re not skilled in your domain. So, try to balance your aspirations with market needs and find a bestseller topic.


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