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The need to quarantine in order to prevent massive contagion forced the vast majority of businesses and educational institutions to implement ways of work and educating remotely. While some industries are already accustomed to remote work, an increasingly popular trend, the vast majority of organizations had to completely adapt their processes and tools.

Communication between colleagues, students, and teachers, which before occurred without a second thought, turned into a challenge. What was previously communicated in a meeting in the office lobby or school must today be communicated through videos, images, teleconferences, etc.

Conducting effective digital communication that conveys a clear message and captures the attention of the audience is best done with video. Because unlike other alternatives such as images or voice messages, video conveys the message by using the senses of sight and hearing, making it much more powerful. The challenge here is that the vast majority of people do not have prior knowledge when it comes to creating and editing videos.

That’s why in this article we wanted to share some free online resources to help people who do not have prior knowledge with creating digital content. It’ll give you an easy way to surpass any obstacles you might find during the creation process:

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