How to Make Money With Online Video Courses

Video editing as a career means learning a NLE, but most of us aren’t that. We are business owners or managers that need to use videos to drive sales, or employee engagement, or educate.

So my advice is to always remember why you are creating a video. Don’t get caught up in learning the fanciest technical ability, or taking a giant course to learn a platform inside out, back to front.

We don’t have the time for that.

The platform you choose, the video topic you choose, the animations, transitions and effects you choose…they should all be telling the same story and focused on the same goal.

That’s why I created my animated promo video course – it’s 100% focused on creating a video for your business. No fluff or wasted time.

I wish more courses would be ‘solutions focused’ like that instead of technical wizardry.


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